Ancient wisdom can help you feel well today … in minutes

Ear Stress Relief PointOur world abounds in wisdom. From ages past and different cultures and more. Lucky us — if we learn some of this, we can take advantage of it in little ways on our own. Small efforts here and there can translate into making a big difference in how you feel.

Here’s one that stems from ancient Chinese medicine and acupressure or acupuncture. But, no, you don’t have to stick a needle in any of you!

Press the tip of your finger into the little hollow at the top curve of your ear as shown in the photo. Your finger ends up being pointed toward your face, but, if you feel in there, you’ll instantly know you’re in the right place by noticing that indentation. And … by how you’ll feel. Press there and massage that point as well. No rules for how long. Do it for however long you want or have time for or until you notice a shift.

This point is called Shen Men or the heavenly gate. (Maybe ‘cuz it makes you feel a little bit more like heaven?)  

What can it do? For starters, it decreases any feeling of stress while boosting your energy. It also is supposed to strengthen your health overall, suppress inflammation and help relieve pain, anxiety and depression.

With its calming effects, I imagine this would be a good thing to try if you’re having trouble getting to sleep, too.

I’ve tried this out a few times so far and have been pretty impressed. The calm/grounded feeling was instantaneous. That alone is worth it. And, wow, how we need it anymore.


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