Are you making use of your bullshit meter?

Innovative lamp.  idea conceptYou’re brilliant, did you know that? You have this internal bullshit guide that can light up to tell you what’s right for you. And, sometimes more importantly, what’s wrong.

What you’ve done, most likely, is turn the switch on it way down — way, way down — so you don’t notice it much anymore. It happens. There’s so much other noise, it drowns out our internal wisdom. Plus there are countless other ads and people-who-think-they-are-wise to tell you differently. To flood your mind with doubt or give you a desire to have that special, special fix that will make it all easy.

You’ve probably experienced this and can see it in hindsight in other areas. That person you never, ever should’ve dated? Yep, you knew that, didn’t you? The time you tried the hot new food plan, exercise or fill-in-the-blank that everyone was raving about and pushing you towards? It didn’t work out for you. Maybe them, but not you. And you is what matters.

When you hear, read, come across yet another Facebook post on something that will help you or harm you, run it through your bullshit meter. Does it sound true to you? Not the logical you, necessarily. The real you who is brilliant at what will serve you best. Sometimes you have to get your head out of the way. And, you know what? It may truly be the best choice ever for someone. But that doesn’t automatically make it the best choice for you.

Start practicing now. In a small way. (Otherwise, it’ll overwhelm you, and you’ll give up.) Take one place where you get a lot of advice or opinions. Is that social media? Your great aunt Jane? Your friend Sally? And remind yourself to keep running any advice or this-works-magic or this-is-truth stuff through your meter. You don’t have to tell anyone you’re doing this. Just do it. You don’t have to tell the person that you ran their statements through your bullshit meter, and it came up sounding an alarm. It’s your knowledge for your own good. That’s it. Use it for that.

It doesn’t matter what someone else thinks or does. It only matters that you find what creates wellness for you. And, then, that you do it.

Your heart and intuition — which help make up your bullshit meter — those are the truth tellers.