Catch that reaction before it makes you ill

LiveInTheMomentWe’re the makers of misery in our own lives too much of the time. No, I’m not lecturing, I’m chatting about it. Because, believe me, I find myself doing the same damn thing, too, at times.

The key to wellness in this is catching what we’re doing sooner rather than later. And, with any luck (and effort and awareness), interrupting the process before it even begins.

What to do? Catch those thoughts. Catch what you are going to get riled up about. Catch your angry reaction to life or, well, Facebook posts.

Why? All of that leads to you feeling miserable. Stress at the minimum. Serious disease at the maximum. Yes, there is a correlation. Why do it to yourself? If you get all fired up about fill-in-the-blank, will it really help that thing? Honestly? Most likely not. What it will do is dam up the flow of wellness in your life. It adds stress to your overflowing worry bank which leads to a drain on your physical bank which then leads to you being ill.

It’s not everything, but it’s a damn important piece that we fail to acknowledge pretty often. We’d realize the correlation if we sat on the couch eating doughnuts pretty much 24/7, then felt like crap. But we’re not noticing that we feel like crap after filling ourselves with negative news and negative reactions that don’t help anything at any time.

You have a choice. Make it. Live every moment you can with a little more joy. A lot more peace. And a way better chance of feeling well.


Need help? That’s what I do: Help you turn things that can make you unwell into things that will naturally keep you well. Want an easy start? Try this first: Let’s get that wellness ball rolling.