Extreme wellness isn’t necessary

Wouldn't We All Like To Know The Way To Well-Being!Extremism seems to be our flavor of the year. (Day, week, month, decade, century … I hope not, though.) Same thing in wellness. The feeling is: Do all this. Never, ever do that. Never. Did you hear me? I said, NEV-ER.

Balance is being desperately cried out for. What happened to moderate? A reasonable in-between view we all can embrace pretty happily?

As I’ve said a bunch of times, you have choice. You don’t like extreme? Don’t embrace it. Don’t choose it. Don’t try to make that your lifestyle. There are other choices you can make that will get you where you want to go.

You can be well and eat a super healthy salad filled with amazing veggies that help restore your health. AND still eat a doughnut.

You can be well and make sure you get in a decent amount of activity most days. And you can lay on the couch one day and pretend you are a vegetable. And still be well.

You can be well and be all zen one day and be angry and super pissed off another time.

Remember the “everything in moderation” idea? It works. Sure, there’s a general path headed toward wellness. And one that will take you far, far away. But you can take the wellness path and still take little excursions off that lovely path. Because … life. Or … want to. Or … some sort of decadence that makes you enjoy life. Return reasonably soon, and all will work out just fine.