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Momentum is magical.

How many times have you put off doing something to feel more well? You wait forever to make that one massive change that will reinvent your life. You procrastinate because it’s so huge that you need tons of time … or money … or space … or desire. Or something. Or all the things.

So, here’s the thing. Not all the things. THE thing. Let’s do this. A few minutes of your time to click, buy, and take an assessment. 30 minutes with me on the phone to reveal the magic. And … you’re on your way toward living well.

Once you get started, it’s easier to keep going. You get curious. You become committed. You feel the changes. One small change leads to other small changes. In time, all those combine to produce a you that is naturally leading a lifestyle geared toward being well. Not one geared toward torture. One created the way you most want it. Kind of like having your cake and eating it, too! Shhh, don’t tell other wellness gurus I said that cake part, ‘kay? :-)

This is an easy way to get started. Your progress toward wellness becomes smoother, more obvious, more possible once you simply get on that path. When we find your start, the rest unrolls more naturally.

How do I know this? Because I do this! I rarely stick with or get enthused by all-or-nothing sorta changes. Been there, done that. Doesn’t work. Is ridiculously frustrating. Puts my ego in the tank. (I know, I know; I’m not supposed to have that ego, but, ‘fess up, don’t we all to some degree?) But put in a baby step? Do that baby step because it’s just too simple not to do? Add a baby step that intrigues me or excites me or makes me laugh or gets me curious? We’re on! And, so, baby step grows. A growing baby step becomes a bigger change in your life than if you’d put massive-shit-step in place first. Or, well, tried to because tried-to is what it ends up being most of the time.

In this one session, I’ll take a look at your assessment, and let you know where it looks like your best start is. Together, we’ll create a way to do that so it totally fits you. That you’ll look forward to putting in place. You’ll come away inspired, informed and ready to roll.

Today’s small step equals tomorrow’s well human. One small step for a human; one huge leap toward you being well.

Yes, please, let’s get my wellness ball rolling!
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(One Wellness Ball in Gear Session: $25. Includes assessment and 30-ish minute session with me via telephonic magic.)

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