One of the easiest ways to prevent disease

Blue DragonflyI know that being well can seem stifling at times. Hard, too much change, whatever. Honestly, I think it rarely needs to be that way. It may not be super easy or super loved every moment of every day. But there are plenty of things you can do that boost your chances of being well. Plenty of truly super easy, not costly, not pain-in-the-ass things. That’s what I bring you as often as I can.

Here’s one:

Did you know that a way to prevent disease is to experience awe? Seriously, can you ask for an easier, more enjoyable way to remain well?

Research shows that people who recently experienced awe had lower levels of inflammatory markers that, when chronically high, are connected to the development of autoimmune diseases as well as health issues such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s and depression.

Awe protects your health plus helps your mindset, yet another part of health, right there in that moment. Feel better now. Protect your health for the future. A gigantic win on all fronts.

What to do? (Seriously, have our lives become so overridden with tech and busy and worry that we need to figure this out? Well, yeah, we do, it seems.) Experience awe. Repeat. With a major caveat: Please don’t make time for this only because it’s good for you to be well. I think we too often subtract pleasure from things when we must do them. I don’t want, “Experience awe, damn it.” to be written onto your to do list. Instead, gently remind yourself here and there to be on a treasure hunt for awe. It’s all around. We are surrounded, for free and for not, by incredibly amazing things. You can experience awe in a moment — say by noticing nature’s offerings as you are walking or hiking. And you can experience awe for longer periods — say by listening to music that lifts your spirits or spending time viewing an art exhibit that pulls you in.

I think the most awe-inducing moments are those that bring out my sense of wonder and remind me that I’m part of something much, much larger than little ol’ me. But there also are little, everyday moments found in my pets and nature and music and art that’s around me. I’m outside, and I notice a beautiful, bright blue dragonfly, and I admire the wonder in that and the beauty in that, and I’m instantly in another place. A better place. In that moment, I feel calmer, grounded, less stressed, inspired, peaceful, happier. But to know that moment also is helping me stay well tomorrow and the next day and the next? That alone is awe-inducing.

Am I proving to you that living well can be easier than you’re imagining? It’s not about forcing yourself and creating a life that’s massively unpleasant. It’s about finding all the things that work for you and applying the best of those in a way you’ll love … and keep doing.


Need help creating a life you love that keeps you well? That’s what I do. I’ve done it for myself. I’ve done it for others. I’ll do it with you. I would be honored to work with you one-on-one creating that life. Interested? Start here: Emboldened Wellness.