Throw the box away so you can find your way

Individuality SymbolHow many times do you wash, rinse and repeat? No, I’m not talking about your laundry. Or shampooing your hair. Or any of those things where, actually, it doesn’t matter, really, at all if you do that or you don’t.

I’m talking about your life. You being well. How many times do you repeat the same thing you’ve already tried to be well, and only get the same results? Which weren’t good results. They were results, if you can even call them that, that left you looking for more. Yet, still, you snap right back, like a rubber band, to the same ol’, same ol’. Even though it got you where you are now — worrying and wondering.

You want to find your way to be well? You’ve got to step out of that box. Try something new. Try something different. Then chart the course — what’s working? What isn’t? Why? Is there a tweak that comes to mind that would help? How did that go?

Throw the whole damn box away. Clear the cobwebs out of your thought process, and see if you can find a way to start from scratch. Like you didn’t know anything about x. Like you’d never heard all the wise (cough) advice from everyone and their brother. (And 4 million people on the Internet.) What would you do then?

There’s value in information and inspiration you gather for yourself. (If you’re going after it with an eye and feel for if it seems right for you.) But, too often, we get stuck going down a particular path that simply doesn’t help us. Even if it does help someone else. We shut down our wisdom. And that’s never a good thing.

Trust yourself a little more. Be willing to be a bit more open minded. Be a little curious. And find yourself in a different place that will bring different results that will get you where you were aiming to go this time.