What do YOU believe? And how is that hurting – or helping – your health?

IBelieveInMiraclesCool quote, huh? What the heck does that have to do with health? I’ll get there, I promise! (You’re thinking: Hey, Cindy – could ya take the short route this time?)

What do YOU believe? Specifically in regard to your health. Write down the top 10 right now.

Read the list. Where does it slant? Toward possibilities? Or toward hopelessness?

Okay, simple switch: Take one of those and fix it. No, you don’t have to go all pie-in-the-sky with it. If you are rolling your eyes trying to believe it, it’s not going to work. Can you get it, though, tweaked toward something more positive? More hopeful? A little bit of “I believe in miracles?”

Now, the work begins. Replace the belief with the new one. Remind yourself. Post it places. Do whatever it takes. In time, you’ll notice that you tend to think more in the style of the new belief than the previous one.

See, I took the short route! I get extra points for that, right? :-)

What do I believe regarding health?

  • I believe that anything is possible.
  • I believe that trusting in my own intuitive knowledge of my body, mind, spirit best leads me to what I need.
  • I believe that gratitude is as important to my health as veggies.
  • I believe that the number that is my age has little to do with how well I am or can be.
  • I believe we all can live healthier lives that are lives we adore, not lives we endure.