What goes beyond nutrition and exercise?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen we think about how to get or stay well, we often turn to the tried and true: nutrition, exercise, maybe some sort of stress relief.

Do you know there is more to overall wellness than that? Identifying what you need most right now to be healthier is the most important, and that may not include nutrition or movement at all. There are 9 building blocks of wellness; here’s a short overview: Wellness building blocks.

All of these make up the full spectrum of being well. There can’t be just one piece. It’s not the whole picture. All of you — and your life — counts. If you only focus on nutrition and movement, you may be missing other critical pieces that will lead to you being well.

It’s been found that those with chronic health problems are more likely to respond to treatment when the whole person is taken into account. So, even if you already are currently living with a serious health challenge, it will help. If you’re not, why not consider approaching your health from that angle before you’re faced with a problem?

Look at the 9 building blocks. Do one or two stand out as something you may want to explore? Look at those more deeply. Play around with one and figure out what you can try so it is built stronger. Note how you feel. Tweak as needed. Then consider looking at another building block. Keep it easy, small and simple, and you’ll enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Of course, if you’d rather have a guide for your journey, contact me. I have an assessment that will measure where you are in these 9 pathways, and we’ll use that to help guide you toward creating a wellness-geared life that is effective and enjoyable.