Which way are you headed — toward wellness or away?

Signboard With Two Signs Saying - Try Again - Give Up - PointingYou are either moving toward wellness or away from it. Toward. Away. Toward. Away. Which way, right this moment, are you headed? No, not what you aim to do in an hour or tomorrow or next week. Right now.

Your gauge on whether you’re moving often enough toward wellness to keep/get you there? How much of the time you’re headed there. If you start noticing all those moments, and, in a whopping lot of them the truthful answer is, “I’m moving away from wellness,” well, there you have it. You can’t be taking step after step after step away from wellness and expect to be well. Not for long.

The good news? If most of your answers are, “Yes, I’m moving toward wellness with this action,” then, hey, you’re doing great. The extra good news? Not every last one of those moments has to be perfectly moving toward wellness. Tip the bucket. The more you move toward wellness, the better chance you have to insure that you’ll live well. But perfection is not the goal … ever.

Wellness most of the time (excluding serious illness) has room for flexibility. Room to eat cake or binge watch a show or whatever. Just not the majority of the time. And don’t let anyone kid you that it isn’t worth it to do what you can to be well. Ask a person who is seriously unwell what they would trade to be well again. It’s a lot. Really valuable.

So unwell that you feel more like giving up entirely? Don’t. What’s that first step you can take back in the direction of wellness? There are a lot of choices. Each makes a dent in your ability to feel better.