Does getting healthy seem like too much work?

Do you get blocked in your process — and your desire — to get healthier because it seems like such a dreary, gloomy way to live life?

Conceptual sign post. Directional sign with messagesLet me guess — here’s how that conversation with yourself goes: “Okay, self, you know we need to move you around more, eat better, figure out why you’re so tired.” Self: “Oh, no, I don’t wannnnna!!! It’s no fun; it’s too much work; it’s overwhelming; and I don’t want to count every fat gram in a journal!!”

Sound familiar? Yeah, that’s kinda what I thought. So, are you willing to listen (okay, read) for a bit while I describe for you my way to stay healthy and energetic?

I am pretty darn healthy, in my opinion. I am active and strong — I hike and jog and fix stuff and paint walls and whatever. I can twist the lid off a jar without looking for an available man to do it. I can stoop down to pick up something and – AND! – get back up. :-) I have the energy the majority of the time to do what I want when I want. I love and enjoy my healthy life.

My trade off? Not much, really. Sure, I eat pretty healthy, but my taste buds have adjusted where I think a great dish of something pretty healthy is amazing. I always make room to indulge … here and there, just not 24/7. I exercise, but it’s a combo of hiking that I love and regular gym-type stuff that I don’t love as much, but I have come to appreciate because of the way it makes me feel. So I find ways to make it more interesting. I put on great music, I people watch, etc. I find something new to try that encourages me to move my body in a different way, and that perks up the interest factor.

I balance out, as needed, the other key areas of whole life wellness — connection, simplicity, natural care, mindset, stress relief, spirituality. It’s not work; it’s enjoyment. It’s peace; it’s happiness; it’s a flow of life that has become fairly effortless.

I’m not perfect, and I don’t attempt to be perfect. But I take stock of what’s happening overall, and, sooner or later, adjust as needed. I don’t work at that a good part of the time. Now that what I need is basically in place, I tweak here and there, I misbehave here and there, something goes wrong here and there, and then I bring it back into more reasonable balance, and I live life. I wouldn’t trade doing this to go back to the way I lived — and, most importantly, the way I felt — before. This is much, much better.

Life is meant to be lived! Skid into aging with all tires squealing, and the energy and health to enjoy every bit of it as well. You can do it, and you can enjoy doing it. Sure, you may whine a bit here and there as you adapt to a new lifestyle that will bring you better health and more energy, but it mostly can be a great ride. That’s where perspective comes in along with other ways to help you make whole life wellness easy, enjoyable and effortless. You can make the choice to embrace being well with excitement and enjoyment and curiousity or you can make it feel like the world’s worst drudgery.

What do you think? Possible or impossible? Questions, comments, debate? What do you hate about the thought of getting healthy? What do you think you may be able love about it? Contact me at: I love talking about this. It’s a great way to learn something even more.