Emboldened Wellness


Wellness that’s based on the foundation of emboldenment.

Adapted to your lifestyle and your strengths so it will be yours for life.

(That’s called living well.)

This gives you back your peace, your courage, your ability to be grounded in knowing that you have everything you need to navigate both times of wellness and unwellness.

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What this is about:

Working together one-on-one fine tunes every bit of this experience for you. What do you need? Why? What fits you? What do you want to do? What do you not want to do? Whatever answers we uncover, we apply them to your custom, live-well, new life. We’re not throwing the baby out with the bath water. We’re building on the life you have right now so it naturally lends itself toward you being well.

What you’ll experience:

We work on you feeling emboldened. Strong, courageous. Able to ask the questions you need and make the choices that are right for you. No more victim. No more being pushed around, prodded, forced, insisted upon.

Then we’ll look at an assessment that will show me — and you — how your wellness building blocks are looking. Are you a master at healthy nutrition but need some help in stress resilience? That’s what it’ll show. And that’s where we’ll work together. We won’t waste time on nutrition when you badly need help building up a life that is naturally more resilient against stress. Make sense? Want to know more about blocks that build wellness? Read this: 9 building blocks that create wellness.

Finally, we’ll open up to your questions and needs after you place this in your life for a while. What came up? What’s working? What’s not? What else do you need now? That add a forward-moving flow so you have the right direction to keep doing what you’ve started.

What you’ll get, besides building a naturally well life, is insight, knowledge and empowerment. The master of your life is you. The holder of your body’s ph.D is — should be — you. No longer will you wonder and worry. You’ll realize where you might be missing something that’s diminishing how well you can be, and you’ll course correct before it grows more serious. You’ll more confidently approach everything to do with wellness because YOU know YOU. And that’s a power and relief that words can’t even adequately describe. As a bonus, you’ll also be able to navigate unwellness better. Something happens — it won’t throw you for a loop like it would have. Bonus, bonus: The emboldenment work will apply across your life. Yes, of course, wellness, but also with relationships, pushy sales people, nosy neighbors, you name it. An emboldened you knows how to handle that stuff with finesse.

Why me? I’ve been there, done that? Feels like to the nth degree. I’ve been seriously ill. I’ve been the patient patient, the patient who felt like a victim … the angry patient. I’ve been like a rowboat tossed to hurricane-level waves — not knowing how the next moment may look. And … it royally sucks. I get that. I charted my course back, and it works for me today. I’m thankful for where I’ve been because it got me to now. And to be in a spot where I can help you navigate your way back to calmer, more peaceful waters, too.

Why now? I’m not going to give you any, “Buy now!! This disappears at midnight! The price doubles!” Etc. It’s now because being armed with this is your insurance against anything that might be happening in the future with you being well. That might be tomorrow. That might be in a year. That might be years from now. But, if it happens, it throws you. Hard place to come back from. Better you enter it on your own terms. I want you to have this power, this knowledge under your belt so you’re ready, no matter what.

This is for you if:

Are you getting excited? Are you ready to get started on this cool journey to discover all the little tweaks that will create wellness for you? Cool; I’m ready, too! Here are more clues that you’re on the right track:

  • You’re curious and open to possibilities.
  • You truly believe you can be more well than you are right now.
  • You’re generally optimistic.
  • You’re willing to toss out the old school health stuff to try out something new.
  • You love playfulness and being irreverent.
  • You think small steps are as important as big ones.
  • You can get crazy excited and passionate about things that will help you live well. 
  • You’re not offended by “bad” language. I swear … sometimes not at all and sometimes a lot and most of the time somewhere in the middle. If it offends you and will derail your ability to trust and listen to me, it’s okay — I just want you to be aware so you can make the decision that fits you.

This isn’t for you if:

You may not be in the right spot in your life for this work. It might not simply be your thing. Or what fits you. And that’s totally cool. I want you to know that upfront. This may not be for you if:

  • You believe traditional medicine has all the right answers.
  • It’s hard for you to not see illness as your identity.
  • You think people should “Go big or go home.”
  • It feels silly or a waste of time to focus on things like play or spirituality in your quest to be well.

First step:

Interested? No need to push the money button yet. Let’s get to know each other first. I want this to fit you, and I want it to fit me, too. Because, as a well-matched team, we are invincible. And that’s what I want. And, no, this is not a “get to know each other” as in I’m going to set you up for a free call that will sell you hard. I love wellness, not sales. 

All you need to do is answer a few questions contained in the form listed below, then we’ll chat via email. If it’s a fit, I’ll let you know the next steps. If not, I’ll let you know that, too. And if there are more questions — on my end or yours — we’ll address those as well. All in an easy, relaxed manner. Because that’s good for our well being.

Get started here: Tell me about yourself.


Emboldened Wellness, in full, $850.

Details: This consists of 3, 2-hour-ish sessions that take place in the course of approximately a month. Ish and approximately because we fine tune this to fit you the best. I refuse to cut you off if you’ve gotten to this really amazing place just because the clock says we’ve put in 2 hours. I do expect respect for my time, though, the same as I respect you.

Guarantee: The work starts the moment you hit “pay.” (Which is sent you via email after we cover the initial questionnaire.) I am sending you items; you are already in the process. Even before our first call. So, there are no refunds. You’re going to invest in this — and you? Trust that.