9 building blocks that create wellness

Want a smoother ride through life? Do you want whole life wellness minus drudgery and disappointment? Are you tired of aches and illness and worry about what the future holds for your health?

This is why I designed Wellness Reinvented. So you live in a gorgeous place that you can keep building upon, not a weak foundation topped with crumbling bricks. Blocks built well lead you back to a natural state of wellness. If you’re concentrating on exercise and eating right but ignoring the rest, it’ll show because that’s only part of it.

Without this, wellness begins to collapse. A poorly-built building may stand for a while. But the cracks will show in time. And get worse. Until, if not given attention, the whole building goes down.

But let’s not make this approach feel daunting, depressing or any other negative d word. How about a positive look? It can be delightful. Delicious. Dazzling.

Why? Because you build this your way. In a way that you like, and you’ll want to do. Oh, sure, there may be a few rough spots, and there may be places where your inner 2-year-old kicks in and tries to tell you, “I don’t wannnnna!” But, overall, wellness can be crafted with joy and a sense of playfulness when you get the right guidance.

Here is a brief overview of the 9 building blocks of wellness:


Do you ever dream of the quest for a more simple life? That’s your body, calling out to put it back in a state of wellness. And it doesn’t have to wait until you can quit your job and become a beach bum. It starts small and easy, not big and scary. Simplify the smallest area of life: clean out one drawer, organize your desk top, take one item off your to do list. You’ll feel the relief; it has an immediate effect.


Our bodies were designed to remain well and vibrant through movement, not through hours spent sitting or laying down. Ignore the extremes, though. Does this mean you have to work out 3 hours a day to be healthy? No, not if you don’t want to. It does mean working in movement you enjoy – so that you’ll do it – regularly, even in small ways.


‘nuf said? :-) We lose our sense of playfulness sometimes as “sensible” adults, and we lose the vibrant, childhood health this path helps promote. What do you love to do that’s just freakin’ fun? Go … do it!


Without a sense of purpose and faith in something larger than ourselves, we become ungrounded and often unwell. When we do have this purpose and faith, we become more motivated to live well. Lost yours? Start small (again, yes, this is a hallmark of this system). What brings warmth to your heart? What matters to you? Go fit some of that into your life.


That thing between your ears? Your brain? Responsible for a huge portion of wellness. Positivity fuels being well. Having a can do mindset does the same. Get yours started by writing down just a few things you are grateful for each night before you go to bed.


This is probably another ‘nuf said. We are – to a degree – what we eat. This doesn’t mean carrot sticks and dry chicken breast 24/7, though. There’s room for indulgence in a well life. Just balance it out with whole foods other times. Change out one unhealthy item for something farther up the scale. Allow your taste buds to adjust. Repeat. Healthy eating becomes effortless over time.


We’re meant to be a community, not a solitary. In a similar way to spirituality, our wellness is boosted by strong, trusted, loving connections with family, friends and others. Make time for your trusted community; it’s worth it. Be cautious of those who don’t fit the trusted, loving, respectful category; that’s a danger to your health.

Stress resilience

Modern lives/stress – unfortunately that’s becoming almost the same word with the same meaning. You have choice, though – and, now, awareness. Work to reduce stress where you can; address what you can’t by making sure you create time to relieve stress. Stress is a killer; you can’t ignore it and remain well. Make time now to address your stress or make time for being ill.

Natural care

Taking care of you — in natural, safe, enjoyable ways — needs to be bumped up the list, no matter what, for you to live well. This can range from using natural products to a long, hot bath to body work and much more.

The wrap up

These 9 building blocks, though they may seem separate, are connected and overlapping. That is good news for you. Because when you address one of these, you often shore up several of these, creating a better state of wellness overall. Your building continues to grow stronger and steadier. Soon, it will stand up to winds and rain. That’s you: Rooted, strong, built to withstand any issues. Enjoy.